Frequently Asked Questions

Are the dry-erase markers non-toxic?
Yes, they are non-toxic.

Can I use any brand of dry-erase marker on the hat?
No. Certain types of dry-erase markers will stain the writing surface of the hat. Only use specially formulated Doodle markers, Board Dudes SRX markers, or Expo markers.

How do I erase the ink on the hat?
You may erase the ink with your hand or a soft cloth. Do not use water. If you have trouble removing the ink, simply draw over the stubborn ink again with your dry-erase marker and wipe clean.

Is it normal to see a shadow on the writing surface after wiping off the ink?
Yes, this is normal. To lessen the shadowing, you can simply draw over the shadowed area with fresh ink and wipe away. Slight shadowing is unavoidable after a period of time.

How do I purchase hats for resale?
Please send an e-mail to to discuss our hat products. We look forward to hearing from you.