Say it with your hat ... your Doodle Hat.

Doodle Hats are the ultimate form of self-expression. You can design and personalize your very own hat. The hat's dry-erasable surface allows you to write and erase as many times as you desire. Draw a picture, write a phrase, or make a statement - it's entirely up to you.

DRY ERASE Dry-erase
with hat.

Doodle Hats are currently available in four colors: Blue, Red, Pink, and Black. Both adult-size and child-size hats are available. Each hat comes with a specially formulated dry-erase marker to get you started. Choose your hat and start "Doodle-ing" today!

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my mum & dad emily aged 8 send yours now
  • one buy it!
  • one draw it!
  • one wear it!
  • one erase it!
  • one do it again!